Attack all the zombies to protect your village in pixel gun 3d


Many people are felt so bored by playing the same game from their home with the single users and you won’t find any difference. The player won or loses the match because only you are the player so if you lose the match then next time you will won the match. Suppose if you play in group along with your friends then your game would be more interesting and you would always have an competitions among you to win the game first and you can able to get such a thrilling experience whenever you play your pixel gun 3D game. The pixel gun 3D game is a multiplayer game where you and your friends all can join together and fight for your success in the game. You must be aware always in the game and kill all the zombies and protect your village people from them whenever you kill them you can able to get coins and gems for your success and by using those coins and gems you can able to purchase all the things in the store and upgrade yourself along with your team. When you are playing your game then you must complete these targets to reach success in your game.

  • You have to kill all the monster around you and when you shot them aim for only the head shot which would kill at one shot.
  • If you kill the monster very fast then you can able to collect more star points in your game which would help you in your further levels.
  • If you had killed the monster without any damage to the other then you can get multiple of the stars at once.

Stay alive until you reach your destination

You have to always be alive till you complete your pixel gun 3D game because when you are alive only you can able to attack all the zombies and then you have to coordinate along with your team all the times. You can also use the weapons to kill them when you are new to the game then you can able to get different new guns like the simple machine gun and the simple shot gun. By using them you have to attack your enemies and gain lot of coins and those coins would help you to buy the high ranged weapons and that would help you to protect you from all your enemies. If you wish to get all the resources then use hacking tool to upgrade your weapons then you can use the pixel gun 3d hack multiple resources. You must collect all the maps and that map would help you to move to your target as soon as you can and through the map you can able to protect yourself in the safe place from your enemies when they begin to attack you. In this game you can able to attack your enemies by single or you can join with your troops and go and attack the zombies and send them out of your village.

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